Born to be courageous.

We were born to be courageous—to fully live out the gifts God has given us. Yet somewhere along the way, we learned to play it safe. Regular doses of failure, fatigue and fear have robbed us of the vitality God intended us to have. So we long for what we are to become, yet we are uncertain and doubtful about how to get there.

The Year of Living Courageously workshop is about discovering the ways we’ve been playing it safe. Not to take foolish risks, but to trust God for the things we’ve been avoiding—the very things He’s designed us to do in this world.

In this two and a half hour workshop, personal venturing coach Leary Gates, will take you through a biblically-based approach to formulating and planning your goals for the next twelve months. You’ll be challenged to think about them in a fresh and liberating way.

Unlike other goal setting programs, the Year of Living Courageously provides a framework for determining where you may have been playing it safe—relying on yourself, rather than relying on God.

Why waste time on lesser pursuits?

This is not an “I’m in charge of my own destiny” workshop. Instead, the Year of Living Courageously is for men and women who truly want to live more deeply and richly in what God intends for them. You can expect to:

  • Learn the three barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Predict the effect these barriers may have on your goals.
  • Create meaningful and achievable goals.
  • Develop an accountability system that works.
  • Record and evaluate your progress throughout the next twelve months.