Courageous questions.

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How do I know if this workshop is right for me?

You’re already longing to trust God for more, or you wouldn’t have gone this far to read the FAQ. That’s the most important criteria for attending the Year of Living Courageously. As a man or woman, if you don’t believe that God has gifted you and that the expression of your gift is a form of worship—or if the use of scripture from the Bible turns you off—then this workshop is not for you. If, however, you long to discover ways in which you can trust God more deeply, you will find encouragement in what you learn at the Year of Living Courageously.

What kind of goals are we talking about here?

You pick it. It doesn’t matter. They could be personal development goals, business goals, health goals, etc. In fact, the workshop will teach you how to recognize your resistance to any goal, so it doesn’t even matter if you don’t know what goals to set for yourself. The primary outcome of this workshop is that you’ll have a way to identify the thinking that’s been hindering you from developing a deeper and more vibrant faith, without wasting time on lesser pursuits.

Who leads this workshop?

The Year of Living Courageously workshop is led by Leary Gates. Leary is the founder of BoldPath Life Strategies, a non-profit ministry that provides teaching and coaching services to Christian men and women who want to find their personal mission. Leary also leads a corporate venturing strategy firm, a software company, and is the President of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men. He is a frequent blogger at and is co-host of the Reinventure Me podcast, available on iTunes.

How much is the workshop?

Workshop fees and the cancelation policy are determined by the host. Check the register page for pricing details.

Can I bring my son or daughter?

Because this workshop draws upon your evaluation of your life experiences, it is not recommended for those under 20 years of age where self-awareness of responses to personal life experiences have not had sufficient time to develop.

Are scholarships available?

The availability of scholarships is determined by the host. Please visit the register page for more information or contact us to inquire if scholarships may be available for an upcoming workshop.

What do I need to bring?

Each participant will receive a workbook to record their notes as well as for creating their own action plan for the next 12 months. You need only to bring a pen or pencil and, optionally, your Bible.

What happens after the workshop?

The problem for most of us is not in making the goal, but keeping at it long enough to achieve it. You’ll learn strategies you can use to evaluate your progress and maintain energy as you pursue your goals.