Read the reviews.

“I gained a new realization that some of my goals in the past have been set to navigate around difficult challenges rather than address them directly.”

“I have attended other workshops on goal setting but this is the first time that the workshop delivered a plan that I can implement and sustain. What makes this workshop meaningful is how Leary incorporates God’s word with his own story and helps the participants take action.”

“It stirred me to begin to set goals and to refocus on what I need to do to become a more Godly man.”

“I have the steps to make goals for the next stage of my life.”

“To be honest, I came to this workshop fatigued and in need of some ‘decompression’ from a pretty stressful job and lifestyle. Frankly, the last thing I wanted to do was to look inside and try to explore my goals. I really appreciated Leary’s authenticity and transparency. He didn’t in any way make me feel like ‘I need to do more’ or ‘work harder’ or follow these several steps to success or ‘better living’. I have seen a lot of that type of thing and a lot of the ‘rah, rah’ and sports analogies (guy things); and while entertaining, I don’t think it is very appropriate or helpful. Leary’s approach was very real and practical. He obviously works very hard to keep a biblical focus to what he presents and I appreciated that.”

“Excellent workshop! Thank you!”

“Amazing presentation; both informative and entertaining, I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits of implementing the process that you taught.”

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